Traditional Irish and Scottish Bagpipe Melodies
The repertoire of the Gatwick Caledonian Pipe Band is large and varied and covers popular Scottish favourites as well as competition selections.

For 2014/2015 the band will concentrate on the following sets

Standard sets

Competition Sets

My land(3/4)
Leaving Port Askaig(6/8)
March Set
The Green Hills of Tyrol(3/4)
Dovecote Park(6/8)
48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes &Drums(4/4)
When the Battles O'er(3/4)
Glendaruel Highlanders(6/8)
Music of Spey(4/4)

The Galloway Hills(4/4)
Scotland the Brave(4/4)
Farewell to the Creeks(6/8)
The Battle of Killiecrankie(4/4)
I'm No Awa tae Bide Awa(4/4)

The Bonny Lassie O'Fyvie'o(4/4)
My Home(6/8)
March, Strathspey and Reel Set
The Rowan Tree(4/4)
The Battle of the Somme(6/8)
72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen(2/4)

The Heights of Dargai(6/8)
Pipers Cave(2/4)
I See Mull(3/4)

Molly ConnellC
Colin's Cattle(3/4)
The Barren Rocks of Aden(2/4)
Castle Dangerous(3/4)
The Brown Haired Maiden(2/4)
The Fairy Dance¢

The High Road to Linton¢
51st Highland Division(4/4)
Choriechollie's Welcome(2/4)


Murdo's Wedding(4/4)
Highland Cathedral(4/4)

Flett from Flotta(4/4)

Skye Boat Song(6/8)

Jimmy MacKenzie of Stornaway(3/4)
Marie's Wedding(2/4)

On the Road to Passchendale(3/4)
Heilan Laddie(2/4)

Heros of Afghanistan(3/4)

Amazing Grace(3/4)

Peter MacKenzie Warren(4/4)

Mrs. Lyn Hutcheon(4/4)
The Cock of the North(6/8)

The Roses of Prince Charlie(4/4)
Atholl Highlanders(6/8)


O' Flower O'Scotland(6/8)