JIm McCombie appointed PM

Jim McCombie is returning to the band on Sunday 22 June. to take up the  position of Pipe Major.

Those of you who know Jim will be aware that his main priority is competition.  He will be expecting dedication and commitment from band members to achieve this priority and to rebuild the band into a prize-winning ensemble capable of competing and winning in the upper levels of  our Grade.  

With Jim's long experience in graduated teaching and competition ensemble, I think everyone in the band will benefit greatly from Jim's return.  Competent players will be encouraged to compete while learners and beginners will be given support and encouragement to improve their individual skills and aspire to graduate to competition status.

Jim's initial emphasis will be on Tone, Musicality and Unison,  Tone requires a well maintained instrument, properly balanced and properly blown.  Musicality requires playing on the beat: pointing the tune and giving the music lift and flow.  And Unison requires the ability to play as a band - not necessarily as an excellent individual solo-player, but as a team member playing in unison with the pipe corps and with the drum corps - everyone listening to each other and playing together.