Quartets in March

Quartets and Solo Piping Competitions
As proposed at the AGM we have entered and paid for 2 quartets in the Grade 4 March
and 2 quartets in the G4 March, Strathspey and Reel competitions.
Members interested in playing should notify Rod McFadyen.
Grade 4 March tunes:
Peter Mackenzie Warren
Mrs Lyn Hutcheon
The Roses of Prince Charlie

1st quartet MSR tunes:
Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle
Jenny’s Bawbee
Molly Connell
The Fairy Dance
The High Road to Linton.

An alternative MSR variation:
72nd Highlanders Farewell to Edinburgh
The Piper’s Cave
Aspen Bank
O’er the Bows to Ballindalloch
The Fairy Dance
The High Road to Linton

Hertford Regional College, Broxbourne Campus, Turnford, HertfordshireEN10 6AE 
Sunday, 2nd March 2014 
Doors open 09.00 - Competition commences at 10.00
I hope everyone available will make an attempt to attend.